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Apple is known for throwing launching events every year in September so they can reveal what they have worked on the whole year: for example, a new generation of iPhones. While we are certain the company is bringing the iPhone 7 flagship at this launch event so it can compete with Samsung and other companies that have already released their flagships, we’re not sure about the other lines Apple has out. For instance, there have been a lot of rumors about the American company not going on with the MacBook Air line of laptops.

The news isn’t taken so lightly by Apple fans, especially the ones that bought the MacBook Air and enjoyed it, but we’re not so sure this rumor is to be trusted. The purchases of the MacBook Air weren’t such a disappointment for Apple to not continue it. We’re pretty sure the team will release another laptop to this line in September alongside the iPhone 7, especially now that Xiaomi, a very popular Chinese company, has released their own similar device called the Mi Notebook Air.

This new laptop from Xiaomi is said to have very good specs and it comes at a much lower price than Apple’s thin devices. There are two versions of the Mi Notebook Air: the first one is a larger 13.3 inches one which has a price tag of roughly 750 dollars, while the smaller one, measuring 12.5 inches is priced at only 525 dollars. Even though the laptop has been reported not to offer such a great graphics card, we think this is quite the competition for Apple.

The people saying the MacBook Air won’t be remade for this year argue that the company might focus on making a better MacBook Pro (which has been the star among Apple’s laptops). They even go further to say the MacBook Pro might become as thin as the MacBook Air – making the Air, a laptop marketed to be thin and easy to carry, useless. This was quite a bold statement, which was rapidly contradicted by experts saying that the hardware the MacBook Pro couldn’t be as compact as to accommodate a thinner laptop.

If the MacBook Air is set to be released in September, some speculations say that the laptop will change its standard USB ports to Type-C USB ports that have become almost a must in today’s devices.