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Very few details have been revealed about the next big Pocket Minecraft update however, some developers at Mojang have been teasing it on Twitter. They’ve been revealing images of the new content and making references to what will be coming to the game in a few months time.

The update was confirmed by Tommaso Checchi, one of the lead developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition and 0.16.0 is expected to be released this fall.

New resource packs and custom resource packs have been confirmed to be coming to the game; there are no screenshots available for this but Tommaso Checchi announced the news on Twitter commenting that there was a lot of bug fixing to do for them.

Deep Ocean biomes were hinted at and it’s expected that structures and mobs relating to this biome will also be added to the game; in the other versions of the game, Deep Ocean biomes contain Ocean Monuments which are protected by Guardians.

Hopeful players are expect to finally see the addition of Polar Bears which were originally revealed in April however it was stated that they would not be in the 0.15.0 update.

The last confirmed change is a new Settings Screen Layout which provides more options and looks much simpler.

These are the only details that have been revealed so far and it’s expected to be released in Quarter 3 2016.

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