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Recently, a 4k leaked video of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 series was released and it features three models. Two of them appear to be different versions for a 5.5 inch device and they seem to confirm an early rumor that stated this about the upcoming iPhone 7.

The video was discovered by – a Dutch tech blog – on Youtube and it was posted by somebody by the username ‘Bshop Kuwa’ which may be a Japanese iPhone store.

In the video we can see three phones. The first one from left to right is a 4.7 inch gold iPhone model. The second one is a silver one and the last one is a rose gold one. Both devices sport a 5.5 inch display but they have very different cameras. The middle one has a dual lens camera, whereas the rose-gold one has a simple single lens one.

These two versions for the same 5.5 inch iPhone 7 were actually some of the first rumors about the upcoming device. These versions were also named ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ but the rumors regarding them died down due to the lack of leaked info and images.

There was a brief moment of speculation about them in July when a set of leaked images appeared online. But there is a huge difference between the iPhone 7 Pro seen in the images that leak din July and the one that we can see in the 4K video – the one in the July leaks features a Smart Connector whereas the one in the 4k video features no such thing.

But now, with this very clear 4K video it seems that Apple was at least considering making two versions for the 5.5 inch iPhone 7. All three phones also feature a model number A1429 that is very clearly a specific Apple numbering scheme.

Right now, there is no real indication or official statement on the part of Apple representatives that could confirm or even hint to this. But we will find out soon enough if that is the case because the iPhone 7 release is scheduled for the 16th of September.