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As part of Apple ongoing policy to convince its clients that the iPad Pro can easily replace a laptop, much like the Surface Pro 4 does, a new 30 second video has been released to show potential users how that can work.

If you watch the video you’ll notice that it basically tells you the iPad is like a laptop whose keyboard can be removed if it’s inconvenient and that it can also be used as a touch screen device and as something that you can use for writing with a pen. Of course, all of these are features that cannot be found in the regular laptops so it makes it seem like the iPad Pro is the best ‘laptop’ choice for you.

However, some tech publications have argued that although the iPad Pro has received many great reviews and that it’s very effective as a tablet, it’s very misleading to present it outright as a laptop or even an alternative to a laptop.

Mashable News commented on the video saying that Apple wants people to accept the iPad Pro as a computer and that it presents its powerful 9.7 inch tablet together with the optional Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard as a laptop-like device that challenges the fact that it’s only another tablet.

Brooke Crothers from Forbes argues that the iOS has many productivity bugs and that those could never replace a Windows-based laptop.

Agam Shah from PC World shares the same view as above and says that the iPad Pro doesn’t have the user interface, design flexibility or even storage space that laptops offer.

Most tech bloggers believe that this is only an attempt on the part of Apple to steer Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 clients towards its devices because the same idea circulates about the Surface device as well – that it’s a tablet that can be used to replace a laptop.

The only difference is that the Surface Pro 4 is more likely to do that. It got many great reviews and according to several tech bloggers, it is the first tablet that could actually be able to replace a laptop, if it wasn’t for the short battery life. But Microsoft has been steadily improving this aspect and is not at 4 hours of continuous usage.

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