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People always like to speculate on what different games will look like in a sequel, and Grand Theft Auto isn’t an exception. The fifth generation of this game has been an overall hit with all gamers, which already leads them to think about what the next installation of GTA will look like. We have to note that Rockstar hasn’t confirmed even the making of GTA 6, but people think there’s no way the game developing company isn’t already making their strategy for the next addition to the franchise.

The rumors about this game get a little wild, especially when talking about where the location of the game will be. Some people went to say that the game will be settled outside the United States, in some place popular for video games like London or even Japan. Some others even went to say that the game won’t be located in the present day, but rather in a futuristic or dystopian city. However, recent speculations don’t agree with either of the two hypothesizes, saying that the Grand Theft Auto 6 will most likely be located in the U.S.

People of course like to fantasize about what location would bring some spice to the game, but a recent report from iTech Post says that the game will be placed not only in the U.S., but in the crime-filled Jacksonville. Most gamers agree the city would be a great location to the GTA 6, a pro being that it has this crime-worthy reputation – and we all know we don’t play GTA 6 just to drive around and stop at red lights. However, there have been some highlighted cons, for instance, the lack of diversity in the landscape or the lack of any memorable landmarks.

We’ve heard rumors of maybe San Diego going through the developer’s mind, as it being quite diverse in many ways and having the potential of bringing a lot of possibilities to the gamer. However, don’t forget that Rockstar hasn’t made any comment on either of the plenty rumors for the location of the game, so we can only fantasize for now. If you’re curious on when the game will get out, there have been speculations of the game surfacing in 2019 when updated consoles will get out as well.