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Ever since its launch in 2013 GTA 5 has been one of the highest selling games, gathering up more than $800 right from the first day when it was launched all around the world. Ever since then, the company took care of the game and constantly released some updates and tweaks in order to improve the user experience and the game overall. They did the same with the most recent update, which is based also on the Stunt Race Creator.

This is a great update that offers a new perspective on the universe in Los Santos. Now you will be able to perform some incredibly high stunts, flip your bike or car, jump from ramps and building edges (while also admiring the view) or create some original moves all by yourself in the great city of Los Santos. But besides this fabulous addition, the update also includes allowing players to own their 6th property, it adds new vehicles you can purchase online, an interesting garage where you can take your vehicles and install mods on them and many, many other great stuff.

You can now take up a CEO/VIP mission and use one of the new amazing vehicles that have been added: MTL Dune, Vapid Contender or Bravado Sprunk Buffalo. Moreover, the online community can contribute to creating and imagining new ways in which to trigger serious destruction. Also, players can enjoy speaker props and speed pads, and they will also have the possibility to delete some default props found on the world map. Previously, Rockstar Games have added 16 new vehicle and racing features in the “GTA Online: Cunning Stunts” addition.