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The latest Grand Theft Auto V DLC has finally arrived and it adds a range of new features to Grand Theft Auto Online; the biggest new feature from the group is the Stunt Race Creator.

With the new Stunt Race Creator, players can create more unique tracks for other players to race on; there are over 500 different Props and Stunt Props to select from to decorate each track and add a little twist to each one. The new Audio Props feature a range of sounds such as thunder which can be played at different points on the map, players also have full control over their range. Additionally, players have access to Fireworks Placements which lets players schedule fireworks to go off at different moments in the race.

Players are able to completely re-design tracks by removing existing props and readjusting the various speed pads found on each track.

The DLC has also added a new Adversary Mode, Entourage and Bodyguards into the game.

Rockstar announced that two DLC packs would be launched some time this month and have yet to announced what the second one will be; rumors suggest that it will be the “Bike Gang” DLC which some fans have discovered traces of in the games coding.