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The chief financial officer from EA stated during the quarterly earnings report that the company is very excited about the growth of the console business and positive impacts it will have on the industry.

During the report he stated that: “It will almost certainly extend the console cycle almost to an infinite level if we get to a point where there’s just constant hardware upgrades and constant software upgrades”

His comments about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo consoles were extremely positive. The statement commented on the growth and continued support of the PC gaming industry which is constantly seeing new technology and new hardware being released. Gaming PC commonly become ‘outdated’ several years after they’re built as new hardware is being developed every day.

While there are some who are critical about the two new consoles being released mid-cycle, this is something PC gamers must do fairly often in order to play the newest games at a good quality.

Xbox Scorpio is due for release in 2017 and EA believes that this is an exciting time for consoles and that they are in a strong position for the coming years.