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Catching rare Pokemon in the new augmented reality mobile game has just become even harder; the recent patch that removed the broken tracking feature and blocked third-party apps seems to be causing another issue for players.

It’s become much harder to capture Pokemon and Niantic have officially confirmed the issue; the released a statement commenting that there’s a new bug affecting throwing accuracy, increasing escapes and lowering XP gained. Players now need to use more precious Razz Berries and waste their Pokeballs to try and capture anything.

While this issue is borderline game-breaking, there are still ways to locate rare Pokemon; if players are brave enough to try considering the current capture issues with the game.

While third-party tracking apps no longer work, players can still use Ingress to help them locate better Pokemon; Ingress is the other AR game created by Niantic, Pokemon Go uses the same locations as this one.

The more XM spots in one area on Ingress, the greater the chance that there’s a rare Pokemon in that area. Using this method does drain battery very quickly however.

Pokemon trainers can still track rare Pokemon using Ingress however the recent capture bug makes trying to capture any Pokemon incredibly difficult.