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As the release date for one of the most anticipated games of the year edges closer, more news and leaks about the game are being released. Potentially the biggest leak was released at the start of the week which detailed the some ‘facts’ about the game, including how long it takes to reach the center of the universe.

Reddit user daymeeuhn released some detailed news; they were able to purchase a leaked copy of No Man’s Sky and it took them around 30 hours to reach the center despite the initial claims from the developers that stated it would take players hundreds of hours. This is possible by selling a specific item for a huge amount of money; doing this allows the player to purchase the maximum speed upgrade for the ship.

The player stated that they had played a lot of the game and intentionally spent more time exploring the universe and the incredible number of plants it contains. Even though that have reached the center of the universe in such as short space of time, they claim they is still things to do.

No Man’s Sky is due for release next week; the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 on the 9th for America and on the 10th for EU players. It will be released for PC on the 12th.