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Rumor has it that the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been postponed because the Kaby Lake processors, produced by Intel, are not available yet. With this decision, Microsoft is believed to try and regain the users who have been really disappointed about the previous model, Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Everything suggests that the new generation of Microsoft Surface Pro will run on the Kaby Lake processors that are going to come out towards the end of 2016. Because of this move, Pro 5 is expected to be launched in the beginning of 2017.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for which Microsoft decided to go for this specific type of processors is the fact that this improves the battery life of the device. Apparently, battery life has been the most common complaint about the Pro 4. Though many people believed that the battery problems are caused by the software, it turns out that it was in fact the processor.

Moreover, it seems that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run on the Redstone 2 update for Windows 10. This version is supposed to be launched in October, at the Windows 10 anniversary. There are some speculations indicating that the Pro 5 might even be launched by then.

The rest of the specs hint towards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features and also an upgraded camera. Moreover, it seems that it might come in two screen options: 2K and 4K. Also, people expect it to come together with a USB-C port that will replace the regular USB 3.0. It will also include a stylus that has its own battery that can be recharged, called Microsoft Surface Pen. However, all these rumors have not been confirmed yet.