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Apple’s team is going to release their new flagship phone in two versions: the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Recently, a company named Besound, which manufactures headphones, has released a mockup of what the iPhone 7 Plus might look like. This mockup is not an actual phone, it just shows how the exterior will look like, supposedly based on real specs. If you’re looking to buy Apple’s yet-to-release smartphone, you might want to check out Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel. The team there reviews the mockup which has a blue version as well which leads us to believe Apple is releasing a blue variant of color for their new device.

Recent discussion says that the iPhone 7 won’t be drastically different to its predecessor, the iPhone 6, but rather the flagship coming in 2017 will bring out new exciting features. However, Apple is a company that has a loyal fan base, and the tech giant always brings out some new features to keep their customers excited.

Not only the color blue is featured in the mockup, the team going over a few other colors that are said to be variants to iPhone 7’s case. Even so, the blue is probably the most surprising since Apple has never released a blue phone, nor has there been any report on that color being an option for the iPhone.

Another interesting feature we see is the Smart Connector, the three dots on the back of the case, which is another exciting feature for Apple users. What the connector does is allow the usage of fun accessories, for example a keyboard, which will transfer power, as well as data between the two.

As for camera, the device shows off a dual camera, which seems to be almost a must in today’s smartphones. However, the dual camera is said to be brought only for the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 7 sticking to the single camera we’re used to.

Another new feature that seems to be a love/hate situation between viewers of the mockup is a dual speaker. We still don’t know if Apple will include such a feature, but if they do, we’re sure the iPhone 7 will need adapters for audio accessories like earphones which are not made for a Lightning jack, but a standard audio jack. We say this, because the standard jack seems to be left out of the mockup and Apple’s most probable choice will be the Lightning jack. Apple has yet to respond to any of the mockup’s features being valid. We guess we’ll have to see for ourselves in September, when the flagship is most likely to be released.