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If you’re interested in purchasing a new tablet but don’t know which company to choose, Apple is one of the companies you should consider for sure. However, the company has a lot of different types of tablets from smaller ones to bigger, from cheaper to expensive and we thought we would compare some of their tablets so you can see for yourself what differences are between price ranges. We have to include the iPad Pro which was the most recent one released to the public, and we’ll compare this tablet to Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Let’s start out with the iPad Pro. The tablet comes in 2 sizes: a bigger one that has a 12.9 inches display, and a smaller one for people who prefer a smaller tablet at 9.7 inches. The two versions of the tablet are marketed as business tablets, ones that can easily take the place of a laptop, considering it has the Smart Connector which lets you attach a keyboard. The price of the iPad Pro varies from 550 dollars to 600 dollars.

You can add a stylus to the tablet, for even a more business-appropriate device, the stylus being called the Apple Pencil. The combination of the two seems to be perfect, considering that rumors say that the Apple Pencil was specifically designed for this tablet.

As for processor, the tablet can punch some hits with the A9X processor which is one of the most powerful processors from Apple out there. This is yet another reason why the iPad Pro can replace a laptop.

The camera specs of the two versions of tablets are completely different. The larger one, sitting at 12.9 inches, is packed with an 8MP camera in the back, and a 1.5MP front camera. The smaller tablet is however packed with great camera specs for a tablet, being the exact same ones as on the iPhone 6S. We’re talking about a 12MP camera in the back which can record video at 4K resolution, as well as a whooping 5MP front camera.

This beauty of a tablet comes at a cheaper price tag of 400 dollars, or that’s the price it started at when it was released on the market. The display is quite beautiful being coated with an anti-glare glass, as well as having a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch. The size of this tablet’s display is of 9.7 inches. The processor was the fastest one available at the release, the A8X, which is paired up with 2 GB of RAM that will provide enough power for its user. A nice add-on to the tablet is the fingerprint scanner Apple so kindly added on the device.

Camera isn’t that amazing compared to the iPad Pro, but the tablet still has some impressive specs in this area: the back camera is an iSight one which has 8MP and can record a 1080p HD resolution video, while the front camera is a FaceTime type of 1.2MP.

To conclude, the iPad Air 2 is not a bad tablet at all – it doesn’t have as great of specs as the iPad Pro but the price difference is talking for itself. Both types of tablets are great, it honestly depends on your budget which one you should buy.