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Apple is a well-known company in the tech world, and it is a company that has its fun with releasing tablets in different price ranges. If you want to buy a tablet from Apple but don’t know which one is worthy, it might depend on your budget. However, you will find different specs on different tablets. For example, today, we will compare three of Apple’s most popular tablets: the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro 9.7 and the iPad Mini 4. The iPad Air 2 is the oldest of the bunch, followed by the iPad Mini 4, but the specs are not as outdated as you’d think. Let’s see what specs the three devices show off.


In the display area, in terms of technology, we can say the three are very similar. All of the tablets feature an IPS LCD display which show off 16 million colors. The three also pack a glass that is resistant to scratching, so you can feel a little bit better if you’re a person that tends to drop their devices quite a lot. The only difference in technology we can see is that the latest one out, the iPad Pro, has a true tone display which the other two do not offer.

As for screen size, the iPad Mini 4 has a display size of 7.9in, while the other two both have 9.7in displays.


A tablet is not bought mainly for the camera, but the specs in this area are very important in the decision process. We’ll talk only about the primary cameras on the three tablets. Let’s start out with the iPad Air 2. This device features an 8MP camera which is optimized with autofocus. The iPad Mini 4 has an 8MP camera which holds up the autofocus feature as well. As for the iPad Pro 9.7, it comes with an improved camera of 12MP which aside for the autofocus, has dual-LED flash.

Internal storage

All of the three tablets have more than one option of memory. The highest memory version for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4 is of 128 gigabytes. The most recently released one, the iPad Pro 9.7, has even a higher internal storage option of 256 gigabytes.


There is no difference between the three tablets in terms of battery. The battery is a Li-Ion model, not made to be removed, which is tested to last around ten hours of multimedia usage.

Final thoughts

Since the iPad Pro 9.7 is newer, the tablet got some better specs, so if we can recommend one out of the three, it would be this one which was released in March 2016.