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The tech world has been filling with rumors and speculations about what Apple’s iPad Mini 5 will feature and when it will be released. We have to advise you to take these rumors with a grain of salt, since Apple has little to say about all of this talk. However, the speculations don’t seem that far off to what the iPad Mini 5 will show off, so we decided we’ll get you the rundown of all the rumors on the new tablet.

Let’s start out with the specifications the new tablet might hold. For its exterior, some experts believe the iPad Mini 5 will have an aluminum case (maybe the seven thousand series) as well as a waterproof IP68 certified resistance.

Other speculations say that the iPad Mini 5 will be even thinner because Apple is packing a smaller battery on its new tablet. This is not such a stretch, especially if the company found an improved power system with the iOS 10. Oh, since we’re talking about the operating system, the iPad Mini 5 might be the first tablet to show off the new version of iOS. People suggest the iOS 10 will come pre-installed on the device, as well as on the iPhone 7.

Other rumors say the 3D Touch technology the iPhone 6S packed will be present on the iPad Mini 5 as well, but we’re not too sure about this one. But a suggestion that we think is most likely to happen, is the upgrade of the processor from A8, which was found on the iPad Mini 4, to the newer and more powerful A9.

The release date will most likely be in September, alongside the iPhone 7. We say this, because that’s exactly what Apple did last year: they released both the iPhone 6S as well as the iPad Mini 4 in the month of September. The company will most likely keep a pattern here and show off the new flagship tablet and smartphone in early fall.

If you’re curious about the price, considering what the tablet will pack, we say the tablet could start out at its release with a price tag of around 400 dollars. However, this will depend on what option of internal memory Apple decides to give to their new tablet.