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According to new reports from ( , Grand Theft Auto 6 will be be supported by virtual reality. This would be an impressive leap for the series and this is also something fans have been wondering for quite some time, rumors about GTA6 and VR have existed for quite some time. While developer Rockstar has still not responded or revealed GTA6, fans are still expecting the developers to push towards innovative features such as VR.

The idea of Grand Theft Auto coming to VR headsets is not that far fetched, Bethesda are intending to release a Fallout 4 VR port in the near future. With the rise of VR, players can expect to see more developers looking to bring large blockbuster titles to the VR headsets so it’s no surprise that fans expect Rockstar to do the same.

Away from VR, excited fans are still debating over which location rumor is true. Some claim that the game will be set in Japan and others believe it will still be set in the USA. The strongest rumors right now suggest the game will actually be a prequel to Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories and will be based in 1960 London.

Rockstar have yet to comment on the rumors surrounding the future of the Grand Theft Auto series.