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We all know how painful it is to drive for hours in a row and when you finally reach your destination, and then a couple more hours looking for a parking spot. However, Google guys thought of this unpleasant situation and decided it was about time to try and fix this. As such, their new update includes a feature that lets you know where you can find an available parking spot.

The beta version for the v9.34 of Google Maps just got pre-released for the Android users and everybody is anxious to see the new features it includes. As it seems, the app will provide information regarding parking spaces that are empty even before you reach your destination. There will also be three categories, as expected: easy, medium, hard. However, there is no information regarding the source of this information. Also, we don’t know yet whether the app will take into account other details, such as the moment of the day or any events that take place around the respective area.

As such, this might just be a tool that measures how the level of parking is in the respective area, not necessary a count of the available spots.

There is also another update that many people expect for this app, which is the navigation settings menu. They added a new toggle which is very useful: it keeps the map north up, forcing the Navigation mode to start off like that. They also added some swipe protection, which changes the fast gestures to a normal orientation. This is very helpful when you’re driving, since it makes sure that the map doesn’t flip just when you’re trying to figure out which road you have to take.