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AMD just released their new graphics processing unit, the RX 470 which is said to be RX 480’s little sibling. That analogy is seen in price, seeing how the RX 470 is priced at only 180 dollars, being cheaper than the 480 but still rocking some impressive specs. The new GPU has 2048 cores, 128 texture units and 32 ROPs. The RX 480 just merely overrules the 470 with 2304 cores, 144 texture units and 32 ROPs. We can see some changes in the graphics processing unit’s frequencies as well, the ones for the RX 470 being 926 MHz and 1206MHz. Its predecessor had frequencies of 1120MHz and 1266MHz, so we can see clearly the RX 470 has lower frequencies.

The GPU also has an updated Polaris core, as well as an impressive amount of 4GB of video random access memory. A lot of people have been reviewing the AMD RX 470 and comparing it to other devices of its type; most critics seeming to have a positive opinion about AMD’s cheap but powerful GPU. In Vulkan and DirectX 12, we can observe this GPU is way faster than the GTX 960, maybe even two times faster. As for a comparison to Nvidia’s own graphics processing unit, this one seems to not stand a chance against AMD’s one, the testing results saying that the RX 470 is more powerful in every case.

While all of that it’s true, let’s see the bad sides of the GPU as well. What we can see in most reviews, the Asus Strix version of the RX 470 is used, and there has been a copious amount of not-so-great opinions to this variant of the GPU. A big issue found with the Asus version is that while it is marketed to reach 1270MHz, the GPU actually hits most of the times a frequency of 1150MHz. As for the power connector, we can see a six-pin version, while an eight-pin variant can be achieved with the RX 470 and has been released from other companies like MSI. Another downside to the card is that it is more expensive than the plain version, having a price tag of 200 dollars.

So, in conclusion, AMD’s RX 470 could pack a big punch in any case if you buy it in the best version there is.