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With the vulnerabilities that frequently hit Adobe Flash Player, people are torn between updating it and uninstalling it entirely. Because there are still many websites that use Flash to play videos and animations, complete removal might not be an option, yet.

So the next best option would be to download the latest update.

How to download Adobe Flash Player update

Quick and short:

When a Flash video doesn’t play and tell you to update it instead, click on the link provided and follow the on-screen instructions. The update will run itself, with very minimal intervention from you.

Long but not complicated:

  1. Check if Flash is installed on your computer by visiting the Help page on Adobe’s website and then clicking on the Check Now Button. This will give you two results – (1) a confirmation that Flash player is installed and updated, and (2) instructions to update to the latest version.
  2. Check your version of Flash. Simply right click on your browser’s Flash content, and then select About Adobe Flash Player. If you have the earlier version and updates are not set automatically, follow the next step.
  3. Visit the download page of the Flash Player, and then install the latest version. Make sure to un-tick any special offers or features that may come with the update. Unless you prefer to have them, of course.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete, and you’re done.

Make sure to change the update settings on your Flash player. Since installing the latest version is the best way to protect your device from any vulnerability, you may want to set it to automatic update.

  1. Right click on a Flash content on your browser.
  2. Choose Global Settings.
  3. On the Flash Player Setting Manager window, go to Advanced tab. See if the radio button next to “Install updated automatically when available (recommended)” is ticked. Otherwise, click on it.

It’s sad that Adobe Flash Player is being abandoned despite efforts to keep it free from bugs and flaws. Then again, vulnerabilities on the player are real.

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