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Many rejoiced in the beginning of this week when Microsoft launched its Xbox One S. As it seems, Microsoft focused on totally different things when it comes to the console’s design than they did with the initial Xbox One. Also, the team seems to have focused a lot on enhancing the game experience, but at the same time transforming the console in a lighter, smaller and why not, more attractive device.

If you have a TV that runs HDR (High Dynamic Range), you’ve hit the jackpot with the Xbox One S. The new console uses this technology in order to make all colors more vibrant than the old Xbox One managed to. The new console can even stream content from Netflix at a 4K quality, which is amazing. For games, they provide increased resolutions, which again makes users happy. Moreover, some reports show that Microsoft has added some frame rate boost for some of the games.

No doubt the Xbox One S is definitely an update for Xbox One. Microsoft has continually been offering upgrades and supplies for the “old” console and most likely they will keep supplying them until it will no longer be possible. However, there is also the problem of money. If you want to own your own copy of Xbox One S, you have to go to the store and pay $399 which frankly it’s a lot of money. And it’s a pity if you already invested a lot of money into your original Xbox One, but now you would like to upgrade and to enjoy the latest features Microsoft has to offer.

One solution to this problem has been offered by GameStop, who is offering you a significant discount if you trade your old console in for a new one.

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