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WhatsApp developers are known to release beta versions of their updates for people to download and give opinions on. The newest version of this app is the 2.16.219 is a beta version for Android which is filled with excitement because if you look close enough, you could see the developers are setting up for a GIF sharing button. How do we know this? The beta version shows off two icons which are related to sending GIFs, the two being called “msg_status_gif.png” and “mark_gif.png”. This can only lead us to think that WhatsApp will be soon offering this feature which will probably cater to a lot of their users.

But this is not the only change we can notice in the new beta version of WhatsApp. The installation file shows that we have over 400 files that have been modified, some of them hinting to another new feature in the chats. This new feature is hinted by two files named “share_invite_link.xml” and “accept_invite_link.xml” which basically say we will send and receive invitations to join groups from now on, and not just be included directly. Because, you know, sometimes it’s nice for someone to just ask you beforehand.

If you’re interested in downloading and installing the v2.16.219 beta of WhatsApp to see these changes for yourself, we have to warn you the version isn’t cleared for downloading because it is yet unstable. However, we have installed beta versions of the app before and never has it provoked any errors, but the phone will advise you not to download the APK since it is not stable and is considered dangerous.

Even though we haven’t encountered any issues with WhatsApp betas, consider yourself advised that something could go wrong in the installation process. If you are indeed going to install it, just make sure you have your data backed up just to be sure you’re not caught off guard.

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