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Recently, there have been lots of rumors regarding a console version for Sims 4. However, these have been eclipsed by a tweet published by Lyndsay Pearson and Sims 5 has now become the main focus for the public’s attention. Though neither Maxis, nor EA have issued an official statement, professionals in gaming continue to rumor a cross-platform Sims 5 launch.

Truth be told, it has been indeed quite disappointing not to have the chance to play Sims 4 on the consoles, especially since the previous games were available for Xbox and PlayStation. Sadly, Sims 4 only received some extension packs once in a while, with no hopes of it being released for consoles too.

Thankfully, fans are happy with the hopes of Sims 5 becoming a cross-platform game. If you take into account Microsoft’s declaration that they want to implement a “play from anywhere” feature, it seems that now gamers will be able to switch between consoles and PC even during the game. As such, it will be no surprise that Sims 5 will be a huge market success if it will be released like that.

But this is not the only hot debate point regarding the Sims 5. People are also wondering whether Sims 5 will keep up with the times and it will include a virtual reality version of the game. However, this might be a little too hard for the team to incorporate into the game, but it would still be nice to fantasize about it.

Perhaps the saddest rumored possibility is the fact that the team will wait until the next generation of consoles will be released in order to launch the cross-platform Sims 5.