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If you’re considering buying a new phone but you don’t know if you want to go for a Samsung one or an Apple iPhone, here is a comparison between a Galaxy Note 7 and a iPhone 6S Plus to help you decide.

Design and display

When compared to the iPhone 6S Plus, the Note 7 has a far more stylish appearance and is slightly better at its 5.7 inch screen with 2.660 x 1.440 px in resolution. The former is a smaller phablet with a 5.5 inch display with 1.920 x 1080 px in resolution. They also differ when it comes to screen types and the Note 7 is the winner here as well because it features a Super AMOLED display, whereas the iPhone 6S has simple LED screen.


The devices are powered by different top notch processors. The iPhone 6S Plus is powered by an A9 64-bit one couple with a M9 motion coprocessor and the Note 7 has a Snapdragon 820 one. However, it’s believed that Snapdragon processors are more efficient and perform better than A9 ones. Not only that, but the 6S Plus also falls short on RAM at only 2 GB, whereas the Note 7 has 4 GB of RAM.


This is where iPhone 6S Plus takes the lead as it has three variants: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only offers a 64 GB variant. However, the Apple device doesn’t offer expendable storage, while the Samsung device can have up to 256 GB of space for storage via a microSD card.


At its huge 3.500 mAh battery, the Note 7 is certain to last longer that the iPhone 6S Plus which features a 2.750 mAh one.


The Note 7 features a 12 MP rear camera much like the iPhone 6S, however, the latter has a smaller aperture that is less effective in low light conditions. In terms of front camera, both devices have a 5MP one, but with the same aperture difference.

Operating system

Naturally the iPhone 6s Plus runs an iOS whereas the Note 7 is an Android based device and only you can decide what type of OS you prefer having.

Price and release dates

The Note 7 is priced at as much as $880 in the US, whereas the iPhone 6S Plus is $849 for the same type of native storage space as the Note 7.

As for release dates, the Note 7 was released on August 2 but we will be seeing it in stores starting August 19. The iPhone 6S Plus is already in stores and it has been for the past 11 months.