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Recently, Samsung has unveiled their latest device, the Galaxy Note 7. This is the successor for Note 5 (and it’s not called Note 6 as you would expect) and it seems that it’s a phablet suitable for productive people. However, this year is a productive one for Samsung, so they have also released another phone: the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is a brilliant device. But which one is better?

Upon a close analysis, it seems that the two devices are very similar. Perhaps the first similarity that strikes you when you see them is the fact that both have curved edges. However, there still are some differences when it comes to their design: Note 7 includes a larger screen, 5.7 inches, as compared to Edge’s 5.5 inches. It looks thicker and taller, but probably just because it includes an S Pen.

The display for both phone is a Quad HD one, which might seem a similarity. Nevertheless, Note 7’s larger screen (even with .2 inches) makes it look less crisp, having 518 ppi. Comparatively, S7 Edge has 534 ppi. Still, both phones look awesome, since the differences are hard to spot with the naked eye.

Cameras are also very similar, both devices including a 12 MP rear one with f/1.7 aperture. More so, they have an image stabilizer and 1.4 μm pixels. The front cameras though differ a little bit. Both of them have 5 MP, but Note 7 comes together with an iris scanning technology that helps protect your confidential data from the phone. Also, this allows you to be the only person that can unlock the device, making it even more secure. Plus they make you feel like in a spy movie, right?