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Xiaomi has been making its way into the tech world quite successfully, even arriving at the MWC 2016 in Spain, which is a very popular tech event. The company released their very nice Mi5 smartphone on the market at this event and have been receiving recognition for the great specs they show off at an affordable price. Xiaomi isn’t as known in the Occident, Apple and Samsung being probably the most popular companies in this area. However, the company is very well known in the Orient, Chinese and Indian population choosing Xiaomi over an American company like Apple.

It’s only fair we take note of what handsets from this tech giant will receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update because you might want to buy a Xiaomi device yourself when you see the impressive specs and design of their smartphones. The company will show the new version of the OS on quite a few devices, considering that Xiaomi rolled the Marshmallow version of Android on a handful of their smartphones and are planning on rolling out even more updates for phones that are both premium and low-end.

So we are not that surprised that recent discussion uncovered a report which says that more than 10 devices from Xiaomi will receive the latest version of Android. The Xiaomi Mi5 is obviously one of the devices on the list, but the list continues with devices like Mi Max, Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, Xiaomi Mi 4s, Xiaomi Mi 4i, Xiaomi mi 4c, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and more.

While this is only a rumor, it seems very plausible all of these devices will receive the Nougat update, even if Xiaomi will bring some twitches to the operating system, as they are known to do. As for when the updates will start rolling, a 2017 release of the update is most likely at this hour.