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If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, and we know there are a few fans out there, you’ll be delighted to find out Mozilla is releasing Firefox 48 which will have new exciting features. The most interesting feature to come to this new browser version is the multi-process one, which Mozilla is said to have been working on for 7 years or so.

The feature is called Electrolysis and it is said to separate two components of the browser: user interface (UI) processes and web content. What this does is help with response of the browser: Firefox will not freeze when you’re opening more tabs that tend to use a lot of processing power. The update will be offered to users over the next few weeks, as the Mozilla team announced.

Mozilla is bringing some other changes with the Firefox 48 like relocated Synced tabs, as well as uniting the Bookmarks feature and the Reading Lists one into one single feature. The team knew the Awesome Bar did not show the greatest search suggestions, and they are now fixing this part of the browser so users can have the best experience and not look to download a browser from its opponents. Another change Mozilla seems to catch early on is that big sites like YouTube are changing from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 and they are blocking the first one by default, so users can enjoy videos and games at their best value.

The Electrolysis update is something that we have encountered on other browsers like Google Chrome and Safari which show off similar traits. However, Mozilla worked hard to bring something extra to Firefox, making it run as fast as C++ but without the pesky bugs in security we’ve seen with this program.

As all browsers should have, the Firefox 48 brings further security patches for malicious downloads that simulate a normal installation process but is actually filled with viruses.