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Yesterday we got the chance to see the announcement of the blue color to be available for the upcoming iPhone 7. Though it was a little bit surprising, there are still more images and new information about the device. Sources such as GeekBar and have announced that the future iPhone model will measure 4.7 inches.

Moreover, it seems that the phone will not include the regular 3.5 mm headphone jack, thing that has been rumored for quite a while now. Also, it will come together with a bigger camera on the back, a new home button and a repositioned cellular and Wi-Fi antenna. Gold is still going to remain an option, which makes a huge difference for the Chinese market.

It is important to mention that the leak is not a mock-up version, but indeed a functional prototype. You can even see that it runs on the internal testing software and not the iOS 10. Moreover, the screen shows some apps that are intended to test and calibrate several elements from the hardware.

However, this means that we will have to wait even more until we will get iOS 10 running on iPhone 7 and including all the features usually chosen for such a device. But we got to have faith in the fact that Apple usually has very long chains of suppliers for manufacturing devices, so perhaps the waiting time will not be that long.

Maybe the worst possibility is that we might not get to know what exact software and hardware the company will be using, until they make the official announcement. According to many rumors, this might take place on September 9, and also them Tim Cook will supposedly give a talk on their vision on the market.