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Google is as quick to please their users as any company should be. The tech giant is known to listen up to issues users observe and complain about and try to fix them as fast as possible. Right now, Google is showing us a new version of their very popular browser, Google Chrome that comes already installed on any Android phone you can buy. The Chrome 52 version is a fix for smartphone and tablet users only, desktop optimization being a complete different process.

Its predecessor, Chrome 51, had some changes itself – the update being quite disappointing to some people because the company decided to not use merged tabs anymore. However, Google is not addressing this issue with the new update, but rather one that anyone can relate to: battery life problems. Surfing the net always drains out the battery level on smartphones, and it is the most known Android love/hate situation. A particular case when battery seems to drop the most is when we watch a video in our browser – so Google is helping us out on that. What the Chrome 52 update brings is a smoother and less battery draining video playing.

On their official Chrome browser blog (yeah, the Google team has a blog), the company notes how over a billion hours of video footage is played on their browser every week. So, the company figured they have to do something about pauses in video playing. Here’s what the team says about this update: “Videos will now start playing sooner, instead of pausing briefly before loading, and your battery will last longer.”

In more technical words, the Android app is improving power usage as well as playback speed for the video to play smoothly on any Android phone. However, bear in mind that Google is not able to make your data connection or Wi-Fi connection faster, so depending on your internet access, the video could still have a pause before playing.

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