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Fallout 4 developers are keeping players busy with all the DLC they have been making public for the game. Firstly, there was the Vault-Tec DLC released about a week ago for fans to enjoy. But it seems they sense the craving of players and are already showing off a beta version of the Patch 1.7 for Fallout 4 so that testers can enjoy the new features the patch is set to bring. The Patch 1.7 beta is ready to download from Steam already, and you can download it if you are playing on a PC.

But before you make up your mind about trying out the beta version, let’s see what this new patch is bringing to the game. First of all, PlayStation 4 users will be pleased to find out the developers are improving the game deleting add-ons on their console. Second of all, the Nuka World DLC is supported with the Patch 1.7 added to the Fallout 4 game.

However, these two major changes are not the only ones found out in this new patch, others including some quest changes, fixes on stability and more.

For example, a crash a lot of players seemed to experience is when they were interacting with a vendor and trying to invest in that store – the patch is set to fix that issue. Other issues include fixes like not keeping NPCs that are no longer important for the game as essential. Marcy and Jun Long, two NPCs in the Sanctuary quest, were said to be essential when the quest was already done and the players were not allowed to eliminate them. The patch will fix this type of problems as well.

If you’re interested to read all of the changes the Patch 1.7 beta is adding to the game, you can visit the Fallout 4 official Steam page.

We’re going to go over a few improvements the Vault-Tec update released last week – just in case some of you haven’t been catching up with the latest on Fallout 4. What the Vault-Tec DLC brought to users is scrapping Vault Experiments, building their own personalized vaults and banning the assignment of a companion or Overseer Barstow.

Here’s what the developers say about the recent workshop on the Vault-Tec DLC: “Vault-Tec Workshop was updated with several fixes. The Update is live for PC and Xbox One. The PS4 update has been submitted; we will update this post when it is live.”