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The entire idea seemed quite dubious right from the start. As it appeared, everybody was excited by the first spotting of the legendary Pokemon out there. Many people said that they have run into an Articuno in Dayton, Ohio a while ago. From that point on, lots of fans from all around the world started to fantasize and to speculate about the legendary Pokemons. One player, a woman called Kaitlyn Covery, said that she owns the Articuno and that she received it from the very developer, Niantic, as an apology.

However, this story doesn’t seem plausible at all. It’s very hard to believe that after all the hype surrounding the game and its release, the developer would simply give away not only a normal Pokemon, but a legendary one. Moreover, according to the story, they did this because of an email they misspelled, which is even more implausible.

There are even some fake switchers that allow you to change the Pokemons. Basically, they change the code of a Pokemon and make it appear whatever color they want. Even so, the change is only made on the client-side, not on the server, so that Pokemon still remains what it was originally. This would explain how Covey was able to hold a livestream in order to show the Articuno. What’s curious is the fact that many people also claimed to be able to see it.

Obviously, Niantic declared that they definitely didn’t give away the Articuno to any user and most likely, this story is an exploit or a hack. In any case, it had some red flags right from the start and now we have the official confirmation that this is not possible and that people are just trying to get some attention.

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