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The Minecraft Pocket Edition is now available in Android Apps and it is also getting Oculus Rift support. As you very well know, Minecraft is the beloved game that has risen to fame almost as soon as it was released and that it basically consists of gamers building various constructions by using textured building cubes found in a 3D world. Everything is very square-like and it’s more reminiscent of a 3D Lego game which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so successful. It was developed by Mojang and it was bought by Microsoft in 2014.

And now, after many developments, the game is now available on Google Play in the Android Apps section along with the most recent updates which include temples, jungles, various texture packs and even Xbox live support for Minecraft Realms.

The Minecraft Realms allow people to build their own Minecraft world and have friends join them and play together. Naturally the one that makes the Minecraft world also establishes the game rules. The Realms also enables players to explore various worlds made by other players.

But the good news doesn’t stop here, as Microsoft has recently announced that Minecraft will be getting support from Oculus Rift. The name should ring a bell as it’s one of the most known VR headset manufacturers out there. This support means that ‘minecrafters’ will be able to play the game in a VR environment which will make it that much more impressive and fun. However, in order to actually play the game in VR mode, you will need an Oculus Rift headset and it’s quite expensive to say the least but it’s worth it if you want to really try something different and special.

This support is also strictly for PCs that run on the latest Microsoft OS and it also implies that the PC ‘minecrafters’ will have to upgrade their Windows OS to Windows 10. Unfortunately, it they haven’t updated their PC to Windows 10 yet, they will have to pay to do so as Microsoft let users upgrade to Windows 10 for free up until the 29th of July.