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Some Apple users were looking forward to Pangu releasing a jailbreak tool for the 9.3.3 version of iOS but were later very sorry to install the app, considering hackers can use this tool to subtract data from the user, even financial ones. The jailbreaking tool was released by Pangu in the later weeks of July firstly in Chinese, then in English. People tried out the tool, to only find out that installing it wasn’t the best idea.

A post on the famous forum Reddit surprised a user complaining about a person located in China withdrewing money from their Paypal account. This person was apparently lacking 50 dollars and seemed to think that it had something to do with installing the tool released by Pangu, because he just had recently downloaded it.

9To5Mac reported that there have been a few similar cases, but the number is too small compared to all the jailbreak tool users to be sure that the hacking and the tool are related. However, the people that did complain about it say that the hackers don’t only withdraw money from their Paypal account, and actually mess with their credit cards as well. It surely can be a coincidence, but the fact that these users got stolen from within days of downloading the tool is surely a warning for other jailbreak fans that wanted to install this tool.

Pangu has released more than one jailbreak tool for iOS, the 9.3.3 one being the latest. They have an official Reddit account for people that are worried the same thing will happen to them, even though they are completely denying the hacks having to do with their tool. Even so, you might want to proceed with caution, because jailbreaking tools are pretty dangerous on their own – Apple considers them illegal.

There has been some press coverage on this issue: Forbes wrote about this problem coming from a tool named PPHelper which is said to help the hacker get the financial information from devices which hold the jailbreak tool from Pangu. The Pangu group was not so happy with this allegation and proceeded to deny this affirmation from the experts from Forbes in a tweet on their account.