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Good news regarding Dropbox’s Paper, a tool that helps you build documents. In the beginning of this week, Quip was bought by Salesforce for an astonishing price of $750 million. This was a surprise for many, but if you think about it, it makes sense since Salesforce has recently been testing the waters for collab software. As such, Quip is fit for their plans and makes it an important competitor for Paper.

If until now Dropbox was only the rival of Google Docs, now they are fighting more against other competitors on the market for collaborations. Now they are thinking about branching their tool for document editing and collaboration, together with a couple of updates and a new app for mobile that is currently available both for iOS and Android. Updates are coming for the Paper beta version these days, but also for the Web, and this refers to galleries, notifications and improved tables, available on several devices.

Kavitha Radhakrishnan, who is the group product manager at Dropbox, declared that they are aware of their competition, but they see their app well placed on the market. He underlined the fact that perhaps the biggest advantage Dropbox has is that they are focusing more on creating solutions for today’s problems, regardless of whatever apps or tools users are currently using.

On the other hand, we have to admit that it’s natural for Paper to have other tools. Instead of keeping all your photos, tables and information in different places, which presents a higher risk of losing them, you only have one place where everybody you want can access them. This is why Google Docs and other similar tools have been so successful all around the world.