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The Xbox One Summer Update comes with “nearly all the features that were included in the Preview”, such as Cortana and background music, but there are also other features which will be discussed in this article.

Background Music

According to the change log, this feature allows Xbox One users to listen to their favorite music in the background, while playing games on their consoles. Groove Music, iHeartRadio and Pandora will be some of the applications that will support Background Music.

Cortana on Xbox One

The digital assistant is available to gamers in the US and UK, who are now able to give voice commands on Xbox One. Cortana will help users to find new games, start a party, turn on the console if they’re using Kinect and perform different tasks. Cortana will receive new features that gamers will find useful.

Improved Game Collection

The interface of the Game Collection has been improved and users will easily find and launch games from their list. Also, they will be able to sort and manage their collection without any problems, they’ll quickly access their own “Ready to Install” tab and the “Updates” tab will allow them to update their games or applications.

Language Region Independence

Microsoft has been asked by its fans to enable the Language Region Independence, which would give players more control over their Xbox experience. So, no matter where players live, they are now able to choose any supported language on their Xbox One console, but we’re pretty sure that most users prefer to set it to English.

Xbox and Windows Store convergence

Microsoft said that the company is “starting to combine the best of the Xbox Store and Windows Store to give gamers a single cohesive experience across their devices. On Xbox One, we’ve streamlined the shopping experience to help you find the games you love faster and at the best prices.” In addition, players will get new channels to help them discover the content they love, plus they’ll filter search results by genre, read reviews etc.