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It’s been a year since Microsoft started working on their Windows 10 Anniversary Update. There have been around 24 previews available for the public so that you could see what it is about. Today the update is finally being rolled out.

The new version will be sent out through Windows Update. However, it is not clear yet whether everybody will receive it instantly or it will take a while until it reaches everybody. But what does it consist in? Many people are asking themselves whether it will actually bring some solid updates for the quite recent OS, or is it a waste of time?

Along with the introduction of Edge, the heir of Internet Explorer, Microsoft release Windows 10. It wasn’t such a huge success, so people have been wondering whether would still be found on the most recent update. Despite Microsoft’s promise of Edge supporting extensions for browser, up until now we did not get the chance to enjoy such a feature. However, now it seems that the Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update supports browser extensions.

Thankfully (or not), there aren’t that many extensions. One of them helps you clip content for Evernote, one allows you to create and also edit documents in Office right from Edge, another one is the Translator for translating pages on the web and yet another one is the Clipper that ads notes to OneNote. You also get an Amazon Assistant, a Reddit Enhancement Suite and a couple of ad blockers. However, one of the most useful seems to be the Mouse Gestures one, since it allows you to close tabs by just moving the mouse. Sadly, it only works with a mouse and not with a trackpad.

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