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Details about the next game in The Sims series are scarce and EA still haven’t confirmed that they’re working on the game. However, current rumors suggest they either are working on the game right now, or they will begin development very soon.

According to some reports, EA plans to release The Sims 5 along with the next console generation. This new console generation doesn’t have a release date but current estimates suggest they may be released some time between 2017 and 2019.

If the next game follows the standard release timetable then The Sims 5 will be released in 2019. Following this, it seems likely then that it will be released with the next generation of consoles.

While there is plenty of release date speculation, there is some concern that there will not actually be a The Sims 5; one EA official stated that there would not be another game if The Sims 4 sold poorly and one of the reasons given about the lack of a console version for the game was the fact that it sold poorly.

The low sales doesn’t look good for the future of the iconic life simulation series; recent rumors however suggest that EA have moved from The Sims 4 and are now focusing on The Sims 5 instead.

More news about the future of the series should be revealed soon but for now, EA is continuing to support The Sims 4 with frequent content updates.