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The Pangu jailbreak team has released the partial jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, and the hackers have confirmed that an untethered jailbreak will never be possible. Either way, if you want to jailbreak your iPhones and iPads, you will have to run the semi Jailbreak process and install the Semi JB app. Then, you will be able to install any Cydia tweak you like. Below, we will offer a list of recommendations and most likely, one of these tweaks will end up on your device.


This tweak will allow you to bring up the bar (with Control Center options) on the right side of the iPhone screen it will be invoked using any Activator gesture. You’ll also get the live app preview when long pressing on any app icon from the hot bar and if you want to customize Anisette, you’ll find its preferences under Settings app.


This free tweak is new and it will help you organize your Home screen, by sorting your app icons and allowing you to easily find the app that you want to launch. This tweak will save you a lot of time and it will allow you to use Activator, to have access to a menu full of options. AppSort’s sorting options include: Badges, Color brightness, Hue, Random, Reds and Usage.


With this tweak you’ll be able to personalize your device the way you want. You’ll fine tune the color, shape, position, size, rotation or opacity of badges, or even add border or glow to the icon accessories. Badgomizer offers ten ready to use themes, but it also allows you to create more themes, then share them.

FaceOff 7

This free tweak will turn off the screen, lock the device and enable or disable various toggles. Its options are found in the Setting app and they include Delay, disabling in call, “blacklisting” apps to disable in, disabling on ac and many more.


Is your iPhone running slowly? Maybe it’s because it’s filled with AppStore apps caches, cookies, temporary files and snapshots. Get rid of them and other unnecessary applications, files that have been sent and received via iMessage or MMS, browsing history etc. by simply installing iCleaner and letting it perform the cleanup process.