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To Pokemon fans happiness, Nintendo, together with the Pokemon Company, has launched a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The trailer published recently contains lots of new features that they are planning to introduce in the game.

The short clip is based on an exotic location called Alola, and it was uploaded on the Official Pokemon Channel. It shows 5 minutes of gameplay and it reveals more content related to the most recent island added to the Pokemon universe.

One nice surprise is Exeggutor, which is one of the new Pokemons the company decided to add to the games. It looks like an out-of-shape pineapple that has morphed with Quintessons (a character from Transformers, if you don’t know who that is). This particular Pokemon gets an Alola transformation which makes it become a grass and dragon type. It can extend its neck up, just like a pineapple tree, and its tail increases in size. Honestly, it looks quite disturbing, unlike all the other Pokemons that were before him.

However, another Pokemon that has been a favorite of many people, Vulpix, will evolve. It will actually look like an icy version of the Ninetales (a famous Japanese creatures). If you have been watching Naruto Shippuden, you might be very familiar with this particular Pokemon and its look. Moreover, you will still see an iced version for Vulpix too.

Sandslash and Sandshrew also evolve, taking up new Alola forms. In their turns, they become too iced versions of their previous looks, together with some new ice capacities, such as the Snow Cloak move that has been added to them. Many people seem to be very happy with the good news this trailer brings, and no wonder, given all the hype around Pokemon GO.