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A new update was recently released for Pokemon Go and players are furious with the changes and Niantic for various reasons.

The biggest cause of upset is the removal of the in-game tracking feature alongside the harsh stance from Niantic regarding Pokemon Go tracking websites. PokeVision is the main website at the center of this where the creator has reportedly received a cease and desist letter from Niantic; the website allowed users to check in the world Pokemon has spawned while also providing a timer to show how long they would be there.

The tracking feature in Pokemon Go has been broken for quite some time; some fans believe that Niantic even turned the feature off because the servers just couldn’t handle the high amount of players and track Pokemon efficiently. The tracking mechanic worked perfectly during the first week.

Players are now very upset as there is no longer a way to track Pokemon in the game; the main gameplay aspect of the game is supposed to be tracking.

As a result of this, many players are requesting refunds and some reddit users have discovered that the company is not accepting support emails which is a breach of Android terms and conditions.

Niantic has been very quiet so far when it comes to communicating with the games community; hopefully the developer will release an update to correct the tracking issues before the majority of players quit.