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Pokemon Go has been on the market for almost a month now in some countries and players are still trying to get around the main aspect of the game; traveling.

The most common way for this is to install the game on a PC and downloads for this are easy to find for any PC; however, Niantic is strict when it comes to GPS spoofing and shows no sympathy for their players who have no PokeStops or Gyms withing 1 hour of their home.

Anyone who is caught GPS Spoofing will be given a soft-ban where the player can still log into the game and their avatar will still move but they cannot do anything else. The game will not let them collect PokeStops, battle Gyms or even capture Pokemon. According to reports from beta players, Niantic have reduced the punishment for cheating.

While downloading Pokemon Go for the PC can be awkward for users without a good computer understanding, it’s still possible for all operating systems. It does come with a ban risk and Niantic does send out regular ban waves to keep the game ‘fair’ for all of it’s players, even if there are very few locations for rural players to visit.

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