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Recently, LG has reported having some problems with low sales for its G5 model. The Korean company, as a consequence of the unexpectedly poor sales, sacked some of its executives, restructured its internal organization and created an overseeing group for a new smartphone. All their hopes now lie on the V20 device, that has been admitted on the Korean website. As it seems, this will come out this fall, in September, and will run the Android 7.0 Nougat.

The announcement made by the company was initially posted in Korean and it didn’t contain any pics or other descriptions of the phone. However, we do have some other small information about the OS version, the hardware and its name. Thankfully, the upcoming device will have a dual camera on the front, very similar to the V10. One new thing is the fact that it’s going to run on a 32-bit DAC, which is built-in. Moreover, we will also be getting a second screen that resembles the one used for V10.

Google hasn’t announced yet the exact date for the release of the 7th Android version. However, if the announcement of the V20 is true (and it should be, given that it has been posted on their official website), if the phone comes out in September, the OS should be ready by then. It hasn’t been announced on what markets the phone will be first released though, but either way, this means that Android 7 will see the light by then. Moreover, people are curious to find out more about the new versions of Nexus, so this is yet another thing that should be solved when the Android OS gets released (whenever that is going to be).

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