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In a somehow controversial decision, Apple took the decision of removing the gun emoji from the emoji keyboard that will be available in the upcoming iOS 10. The fourth beta version that has been recently launched shows that they decided to replace the handgun with a colorful water pistol.

Everybody knows that discussions over gun control seem to be endless in the US, and this decision clearly shows on what side Apple is. Even though there has been no official explanation of this change, we can assume that the company is trying to make their products a little bit more peaceful. Truth be told, there have been various campaigns and many people asked them to “disarm the iPhone”, but we can’t be sure that this is a response to all the public pressure or not.

Of course, not everybody agrees with this change. Those who support guns have expressed their dissatisfaction with the removal of the gun, but apparently this move wants to make threatening messages less likely and to take their edge off. If you do some research, you will be surprised to see that this gun emoji has been creating some trouble for various people that have use it.

Note that the change has not been universal, and only iOS users will be able to see the change. This means that if a Samsung user sends an Apple user a message containing the gun emoji, the Apple user will only see it as a water pistol. However, Apple isn’t the first company to use such techniques. Microsoft has also taken a similar decision, replacing the gun emoji with a SF-looking laser pistol. Many people appreciate this initiative as being one small step towards more peace online.