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Fans all over the world are getting crazed over rumors regarding the upcoming game GTA 6. Despite Rockstar not having announced anything officially, people still believe that the action will be set in a new area. Most fans are inclined to believe that they will move it somewhere outside the US.

The rumors now claim that Rockstar has already chosen Jacksonville, which is the murder capital of Florida, for the action in the new game. If it is true, this means we will enjoy a great map, possibly the greatest in the entire franchise. Also, the theme of the game fits perfectly the atmosphere in the city and its fame.

Other speculate that Rockstar will bring the game to Europe, particularly in London. This might be because the people who are working on the game now are mostly British, and people interpreted this as a clue for the new location. This means that the car you steal might require right-hand driving.

However, let’s not neglect the possibility that GTA will remain within the US. In this case, the choice would be between the aforementioned Jacksonviile or San Diego. Another speculated location is Rio de Janeiro. Still, this seems to be a poor choice, since the landscape there is not that fascinating.

Needless to say, everybody is extremely excited to find out more about GTA 6 and especially, when is it going to become available, regardless of the particular location. However, as long as the developers will ensure a great story and a fascinating gameplay, just like they did until now, there’s no doubt that this will hit again the first place in the sales top. Given the time it takes for them to finish it, it’s highly unlikely it won’t be top quality content.