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Rockstar have confirmed that GTA players will be receiving a second update later this month; the first update is the Stunt Race Creator which is due to be released August 2nd . This new update has not yet been named however rumors and evidence collected by fans is claiming that the update will be focused on bikes.

One of the biggest rumors for this new update is that Rockstar will be adding Biker Gangs to GTA Online; coding revealed by famous Youtuber MrBossFTW provided evidence that appears to confirm this. Rockstar have been silent on this so far but more evidence is rising that seems to confirm this.

The infamous TezFunz shared some information they found in the coding which all refers to a biker themed DLC; in addition to this, the code suggests that there will be new CEO or VIP missions coming with this update. The rumor that states players will get a new property to purchase seems to have been confirmed with the discovery of housing references in the coding.

These discoveries are exciting but these pieces of code have been in the game for a long time; the new rumors about a Biker DLC could suggest that Rockstar has returned to this project and intent to finishi it.

The DLC will be released later this month and Rockstar will confirm details closer to the launch date.