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Do you remember when Apple promised their fans a fancy remote app for Apple TV this year at the WWDC? If so, then you might be glad to hear that they are finally bringing it to life. Despite all the rumors, the app turns out to be quite a simple one. It is basically a copy of the actual life on-screen remote in Apple TV, and honestly, it is great at replacing it.

However, one great advantage if you choose to use this app is the fact that you can now type your query and not talk anymore into a remote. Though many (lazy) people prefer just talking and letting Siri take care of everything, there are also other people (or situations) where you can’t really talk. That’s why it’s useful to have the app and simply put in what you’re looking for. Not to mention the fact that many people are scared of privacy intrusions because of the vocal commands given for Apple products.

Another great use for the app is the fact that it saves you the effort of remembering and entering passwords for other apps, such as Netflix. This might really become an issue if you chose the password Safari suggested to you or if you created one by using 1Password. However, if you love Siri too much and can’t manage without her, you can still have the option to use it inside the app. In fact, you can even use your phone as a game remote, given that it has all the sensors found on a regular remote hardware for Apple TV.

It remains to be seen whether people will be able to manage at least partly without Siri, or if they will keep using it as they did until now.