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In previous years, Supercell does not usually update Clash of Clans during the month of August but current rumors are suggesting otherwise.

There are reports claiming that the developer are working on a new update which will be released later this month. According to these reports, the update would be minor and adjust some of the new features that have been added to the game over the past few months.

While an August update has not been confirmed by Supercell, players do have a big Spring Update to look forwards to. The latest rumor for the Spring Update claims that it will focus on adding more content for lower level players as the previous updates have focused on those with a Level 11 Town Hall or higher.

It is also expected that the Spring Update will add new units from the game which would be based on troops in Clash Royale.

If there is an August update coming this month then fans can expect to start hearing more news about it very soon; more details on the Spring Update will be released towards the end of the year.