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Google is soon releasing the new version of Android, 7.0 Nougat and we couldn’t be more excited. Everyone has been wondering what devices will receive the update, and now we might have just found out. Among these devices will be some Nexus phones, as well as Samsung ones.

Evan Blass, a known and trusted leaker, has twitted that the new version of the operating system will be released in August alongside the 8/5 security patch.

Here’s what he said: “Android 7.0 releases next month, with the 8/5 security patch Sorry Nexus 5 owners, no Nougat for you.”

Android Authority goes further to say that Android 7.0 will be released in the early days of this month, because we all know tomorrow the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung will be released and the device is set to have the new OS installed already.

The information seems to be legit, considering the reddit incident we’ve read of a few days ago. Apparently, a Nexus 6P user tried out a developer preview of the Android 7.0 and later tried to get back to the 6.0 version, and accidentally got the Nougat OS build with the code NRD90M. Commenters seemed to think the R stands for release, which makes us more certain that the new version of the OS will be out in just a few days.

Not only Samsung’s phablet is said to get the Nougat update, but also a LG signed device, the LG V20. The company has been having some problems with the LG G5 which hasn’t sold as much as the team thought they would – so they’re bringing the V20 to try to make up for their 135 million dollar losses.

HTC is another tech giant that confirmed releasing the update to a few devices like the HTC One A9, HTC 10 and HTC One M9.

As for Google’s own devices, the Nexus line, we already learned from the leaker Evan Blass that the Nexus 5 will not receive the update to Android 7.0. However, a lot of other Nexus devices will support Nougat, like the two new Nexuses that are yet to be released to the market, the Nexus Marlin and Sailfish. Other devices that will have the new OS running is the Pixel C tablet, the Nexus Player, the Nexus 9, the Nexus 6 and 6P.

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