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While Niantic has no plans to bring Pokemon Go to Windows Phone devices, another developer has taken pity on those users and has created a new version of the game.

PoGo is the name of the Windows 10 mobile game and this game is slightly different to the official version but it does allow Windows 10 Mobile devices to run a copy of the game; this game is not available for all Windows Phone devices however and is limited to Windows 10 Mobile devices only.

The way to install the game may seem to be a little complicated for some users; hopeful players need to download the PoGo appx file and certificate then copy them to the phone. After this, players need to launch the certificate first and then the appx file. Once done, the player should be able to play the game like normal.

Players still need to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account for this method to work and it is recommended that they install the game on an Android or iOS device first to configure the game settings.

This is great news for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone users however with the recent wave of cease and desist letters from Niantic, this app may not exist for too long.