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Pokemon fans, Pokemon trainers and why not, Pokemons themselves have been thrilled to find out about the most recente update released by Niantic. The hunt is now a little bit easier (but still as exciting as Pokemon GO got you used to) because update 1.1 allows you to recustomize the avatar of your trainer on the profile screen. Among other changes, we could notice that now you cannot see anymore footprints of whatever Pokemon is nearby. This might make some of the players sad, but that’s a decision you can’t fight against.

The team also changed some damage values for moves in Pokemon battles and had to do some retouches for Gym animations. Moreover, you can now see the details more clearly with the new UI update, as well as the artistic part for the achievement medals. There were some other issues with displaying a couple of features on the map, so the team worked on them too.

Niantic is actually trying to improve the experience of playing the game, without adding new features, or at least for now. Though many may have a great time getting accustomed to the changes, it is indeed a gesture to be appreciated that they are not rushing in any new content before making sure the existing one is at its best. Remember that before this, there was another update fixing small inconveniences that appeared throughout the game.

Moreover, from the San Diego Comic Con panel dedicated to Pokemon GO, people could find out that the developers are constantly trying to fix server issues. The problem with this seems to be very serious, especially if you think about how many people are using the app at the same time.

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