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The PlayStation Neo is due to be released later this year and will be feature much more powerful hardware; this new console is supposedly able to run movies, TV and graphics in 4k resolution alongside being created with PlayStation VR in mind.

A detailed report from Eurogamer suggests the the PlayStation Neo may not be as good at 4K as players initially hoped; a group of people from Eurogamer created their own ‘Neo’ computer based on the leaked specifications for the console. After running this computer through a wide variety of tests they concluded that while games produced stable framerates at 1440p, the target resolution may not look very good on a 4K screen.

Instead, the computer was able to run 1080p games perfectly with a better framerate than the PlayStation 4.

While these tests may not be completely accurate as the leaked specifications may not be correct, it is an interesting experiment which could help fans decide if the Neo is worth the upgrade price. The console is expected to be released later this year and Sony should release more details very soon.